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Announcement: Left Handed Scholarship – What You Need To Know About Left Handed Scholarships

Written on July 20, 2012 at 11:19 pm, by

Left Handed Scholarship

Left handed people are challenged in lots of ways including how to attain quality education in this hard time. That means they are not only faced with problems that have to do with rejection by the society; they also face discrimination in the education sector. Equipment such as computer mouse, scissors, and a host of others are designed primarily to meet needs of people who could only use their right hands. Though, a couple of schools have started taking left handed people into consideration when designing some equipment needed in schools; the fact is a lot more still need to be done. However, it is quite commendable that a lot of philanthropic organizations and individuals have over the years introduced series of left handed scholarship programs to help the less privileged.

Left handed college scholarships have become inevitable today considering the fact that about 10% of Americans are left handed. The percentage could even be more in other countries of the world. What this means is that these set of people always find it difficult to meet their potentials; and therefore are unable to attract their dream jobs. The potentials are there, but they must be developed through quality education that can only be achieved when they attend quality colleges and universities. That is why left handed grants have become so popular today.

Identifying A Left Handed Person

A left handed person is that individual who has that rare ability to do things that others cannot easily do with his left hand. He finds it basically easier to write, eat, and carry out other physical assignments with his left hand. Left handed people are also said to be highly intelligent as records of people who have achieved a great deal in their various fields have shown over the years. Great men and women of proven achievements in their various fields have had their names written in history books; and they are all left handed. Some of these individuals include the following; Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Picasso, Bill Gates, Presidents Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Garfield. I am not too sure if these individuals were ever awarded weird scholarships; but they were able to overcome whatever challenges that came their ways.

However, things are slightly different now because you can easily find a left handed scholarship application form online these days. Applications are always available for interested applicants who have all it takes to meet specific requirements set by schools and organizations offering left handed scholarship.

How To Find Left Handed Scholarships


Every year including 2012, loads and loads of weird scholarships are made available for students who meet specific requirements. As a matter of fact, left handed scholarships 2012 are already out, and thousands of applicants are already getting set to file in their applications. To make things easier, over 90% of scholarship programs are now being offered on the World Wide Web. That means applicants will be able to download or fill their application forms online before the expiry dates. However, there may be instances where students or applicants will be required to send their applications via snail mail.


Google is always the best place to start your search if this is your first time of looking for such opportunities online. This search engine is highly efficient and useful to all students who want a long list of organizations and individuals offering left handed grants. Once the right keywords are used, you will be presented with a long list of sites, companies, and organizations offering these grants. Actually, not all left handed college grants are worth the effort, but it is not a bad way to start.

Schools & Libraries

Your local school is also a great place to start from; especially when you set up a meeting with an advisor. Your school advisor will be willing to offer you help when it comes to finding current scholarships for high school seniors.

Article Directories

Another reliable place where you can get regular update on left handed scholarship is on article directories. Most of these directories have up to date and reliable information that can help a left handed student find a free grant. For a list of article directories available online, you can check out Google or Yahoo.

Scholarship Sites

Information on left handed scholarship application can also be found on scholarship sites. There are hundreds of sites with current information on how you can find left handed scholarships 2012.


There are major qualifications or requirements necessary for all students that intend to apply for weird scholarships; and some of them will be explained in this article.

Excellent Academic Records

All students are required to possess sound academic records in order to stand a chance of being awarded left handed grants. Organizations and individuals offering free grants seem to be receiving massive applications these days; and that means only students with sound academic records will be selected. The requirements vary from one organization or school to another. However, applicants are required to score a very high GPA; even as high as 3.5 or above in some cases.

Impressive Leadership Skills

This is one area where most applicants have not been able to meet up because leadership skills are not developed overnight. Developing your leadership skills requires the following; taking active part in community tasks, joining a club while in school, being a good follower, and a few others. Once you are able to develop your skills while in school, it becomes very easy to apply for scholarships for high school seniors.

Being Left Handed

You may be required to provide some referees to actually prove you are left handed. However, please be informed that some schools or organizations may put you through some tests in order to verify if you are actually left handed.

Of course, you also have to prepare ahead of a possible interview; and this requires some serious studying. Read and ensure you prepare your mind because you will be required to answer a couple of questions during the interview.

Popular Left Handed Scholarships

Frederick and Mary Buckley Left Handed Scholarship

One of the most Popular scholarships for left handed people is the Frederick and Mary Buckley Scholarship. This is limited because it can only be used at the Juniata College in the United States.

To apply for the scholarship you will have to write to:

Office of Student Financial Planning,

Juniata College,

1700 Moore Street, Huntington, PA 16652.

Or you can visit the collge if you are in the United States and ask for details.


College Scholarships for Left Handed People – Learn Which Scholarship Suits You Best

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College scholarships for left handed people are simply a special category of financial aid programs that are running in thousands, all over the country these days. The only unique thing associated with College scholarships for left handed students is the degree of scarcity associated with them.

To be honest, there are not a lot of scholarships specifically designed for left handed individuals. However, on the bright side, you can positively use, or exploit, your left handedness as a skill to help you score other scholarships. Simply search for unusual scholarships on the internet and you will end up with a list of financial aid programs that favor lefties in huge abundance.

College Scholarships for Left Handed Students:

The most common College scholarships for left handed people are available at Juniata College. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in College scholarships for left handed females or males; this college offers an equal opportunity to all the applicants.

Juniata College scholarships date back to several decades of tradition when Frederick and Mary Beckley laid down the foundations of this program. Both of them were left handed, which obviously make sense as to why they wanted to support lefties this much. Right now, the average worth of Juniata College’s left handed scholarships individually amounts to $5,000 or so. It’s a lot of money for those students who don’t have much to pay for college fee.

Also, the good thing about Juniata College left handed scholarships is that these aids are not handed out in the form of student loans. You just need to show good grades and the discount will be yours for the taking. No questions asked.

Unusual Scholarships – College Scholarships for High School Seniors:

The following scholarships are not only unusual, but they also suit the needs of a lot of students who have a knack for weird skills that aren’t pretty common on a wide scale.

  • Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships:

Also known as TCI scholarships, these scholarships are easily awarded to candidates with an extra height advantage. You guessed it right, if you are taller than the average tallest person in your vicinity, you can apply for the Tall Clubs International Student scholarship.

The minimum worth of this scholarship program is a $1,000 discount to students who are at or under the age of 21. The height requirement is 5 feet 10 inches for female applicants and 6 feet 2 inches for males.

  •  Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest:

Another unusual scholarship is the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. The competition is not only interesting but it’s meant for those who can call ducks. If you are looking for the easiest way to score scholarships for high school seniors from all over the U.S., here’s your chance.

Participants in this contest will have to make four different calls to ducks in a minimum of 90 seconds. Duck calls are categorized as, “Hail”, “Mate”, “Feed” and “Come Back”. The judges hold the final decision. If you are not selected the first time, you can always apply next year since this contest is open to all high school seniors, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.

  • Little People of America Scholarships:

If you have a case of dwarfism, there’s no need to feel shy or embarrassed of it. You can now use your height disadvantage to get selected for a number of Little People of America scholarships. The process is only meant for those students and applicants who have medical proof of a properly diagnosed dwarf disease.

It is definitely not an easy task to pay full tuition fee, whether you are paying on your own or doing so for your kid. Scholarships not only encourage a sense of competition and deservedness among students, but they are a great way of availing financial discounts. Look for scholarship discounts all over the internet before going for a specific program. Normally, with the help of proper research in these matters, a student is more likely to find a great program that can meet his/ her needs throughout the entire tenure of education.


Some Interesting Left Handed Facts

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There are several amazing facts about being left handed. One scientist once said he believes that left handed people tended to be more independent as a result of having to adapt to a world which is largely built for right handed individuals.  Want to know about your uniqueness as a Southpaw? Here are a few left handed facts that may interest you. Left handed people:

  • Make up between 5% and 10% of the population (depending on who you ask)
  • Recover from strokes faster
  • More likely to pursue creative careers
  • Of the seven most recent U.S Presidents, 4 have been left handed
  • Left handed college graduates go on to become 26% richer than right handed graduates
  • On a QWERTY keyboard there are 1447 English words typed solely with the left hand, whilst only 187 are typed with the right hand.
  • Better at 3D perception and thinking
  • Better at multi-tasking
  • Live on average 9 years less than right handed people
  • Make especially good baseball players, tennis players, swimmers, boxers and fencers (almost 40% of the top tennis players are lefties)
  • Celebrate left handed day once a year – August 13th
  • Draw figures facing to the right
  • Use the right side of the brain the most
  • Adjust to seeing underwater quicker
  • Less able to roll their tongue than a righty
  • Nails grow faster on the left hand than the right (finger picking advantage anyone?)
  • More likely to have allergies
  • More prone to migraines

Of all these impressive facts, one thing needs to be emphasized, being left handed is not a disability, so do not allow anybody to look down on you simply because you are left handed.

Left Handed Scholarships For Aspiring Youngsters

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Are you looking for left handed scholarships but haven’t found the right one yet? Yeah, this kind of dilemma is quite common these days, since despite of all the advancements, left handed scholarships are still sometimes regarded as an antiquity.

Anyhow, this article explains different aspects of left handed scholarships. More so, you will also learn how to find the right kind of scholarships for left handed people, which are made to precisely take care of your academic requirements.

The basic pay/ discount scale for left handed scholarships has been known to be somewhere around $1,000. This isn’t much when you compare it with long years of academic qualifications, degrees and so much more. However for starters and junior level students, the $1,000 left handed scholarships aid is more than enough.

Most of the organizations that are already offering such small scale scholarships are easily available on the internet. You just have to enter left handed scholarships, to end up with an array of well targeted articles, or scholarships for left handed websites where you can find the appropriate contact information.

As we go up on the scale, the scholarships’ worth continues to increase altogether. The Juniata College and Beckley College scholarships offer a minimum discount of $5,000. For good performance, these discounts are lined up with special perks, such as; being the head of your left handed scholarships community, or a representative of left handed group in your class. The good thing about getting these scholarships from popular/ high standard institutes, besides the money, is the immense amount of recognition.

After completing your studies, where ever you’re going to go, the employers will give you a special protocol for the completion of your degree from a popular facility. Moving on, what other left handed scholarships could be there for you in the store? Probably, the ones we have talked about here, you already know of them. Therefore, to make this article worth your reading experience, take a look at the following scholarships for lefties types:

Anne Ford Scholarship:

The Anne Ford, or Anne’ Ford, scholarship series is meant to grant aid to major league students. Don’t get it the wrong way, as it has nothing to do with sports. The term “major league” implies that you’re going to have to be an outstanding student in order to have better chances of being selected by the institute for the grant.

Anne Ford and many other popular platforms for left handed scholarships, such as; The Bank of America Abilities Scholarship Program; they grant a minimum of $10,000 aid. You get in there, you secure your life as a student for years to come. How to prepare of these scholarships? It’s simple. The application process starts the day you are determined to get your hands on one of the finest left handed scholarships. You work hard, you show yourself with good grades and that’s about it.

Agee Memorial Scholarships:

Long ago, when left handedness was still considered more of a rare case of weirdness, the educational institutes started to publicize scholarships for such people. By no means, Left handedness is considered a disability – in fact, it is a gift. But if looked from old times’ perspective, things were a little different then.

Now the numbers of these grants are in millions. You can easily sign up for any of these scholarships within your local community, out of State or etc. Even if scholarships for left handed students are not being offered, you can apply for other scholarships that might appeal to you more than the left handedness trait.

Taking Advantage Of Scholarships For Left Handed Boys

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Scholarships For Left Handed Boys

This is probably one of the best articles that bring you information on how to find scholarships for left handed boys. Being a boy comes with lots of expectations especially as regards the future. That means adequate preparation must be put in place to meet up with the expectations of those who look up to you. One of the many challenges that you must be prepared to face as a boy is especially as a left handed student is acquiring quality education; and this does not come cheap these days. To get the best of education even as a left handed student; what you need is a free grant or scholarship. Scholarships for left handed boys are a bit difficult to find these days; but they offer a lifetime opportunity to access quality education. Read more

How To Find Scholarships For Left Handed Girls

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Scholarships For Left Handed Girls

The exact population of girls who are actually left handed is unknown; but there is no doubt that they make up a fair percentage of the over 10% of those living in the United States. The implication of this figure indicates that these set of people are highly disadvantaged when it comes to securing quality education. Though, things have started changing in terms of academic facilities designed for left handed people; the truth of the matter is that more can still be done. One of the biggest news making the rounds on the internet these days is the fact that a lot of sites and organizations are now coming up to address the issue of grants for these left handed people. Left handed girls or students can now apply or search online for scholarships for left handed girls to ease the financial burden that comes with acquiring quality education. Read more